Media & Public Engagement.

Selected Editorials, Commentaries & Invited Essays

D. D'Amico, "Teacher strikes can’t fix the core problems with our schools" (Washington Post, January 2019).

D. D'Amico, "The Myth of Teacher Tenure (Teachers College Record, 2014).

Selected Media Mentions

R. Klein, "Why Aren’t There More Black Teachers? Racial Discrimination Still

Plays a Role" (Huffington Post, April 2017).


C. Morris, "Expert: Dearth of Black Teachers Not 'Supply' Issue" (Diverse Education, April 2017).


N.M. Petrzela, "Mission High and the Education Culture War" (Los Angeles Review of Books, April 2016).


A.H. Dunn, "Fact Checking Campbell Brown: What She Said, What Research Really Shows" (Washington Post, August 2014).


F. Hess, "Edu-Scholar Public Presence Rankings" (Education Week, 2013).

Selected Invited Talks, Panels

& Lectures

D. D'Amico, "Black Teachers & Hiring Practices, Past and Present: Teacher Policy Research for Empowerment, Disruption, and Justice," (UCLA School of Education, 2019)


D. D’Amico, "American Women on Campus, Past and Present: A Panel Discussion" (The National Women’s History Museum and Council XIX, 2018).


D. D’Amico, "Blaming Teachers:  Professionalization Policies and the Failure of Reform in the United States, (Harvard University Graduate School of

Education, 2018).


D. D'Amico, "Where Are All the Black Teachers?" (Center for Micro-Economic Policy Research, George Mason University, 2017).


D. D’Amico, "The Road to “Highly Qualified”: Teacher Professionalism in Historic Perspective" (Urban Education Program Speaker Series, Brown University, 2011).